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Saint Paul’s Lutheran School dates back to the Civil War days. A nucleus of Lutheran families, holding membership at Saint John’s Lutheran Church, Pleasant Ridge, Illinois, lived in or near Troy. Since transporting their children to the Lutheran School in Pleasant Ridge was hard and at times impossible, they with the help of the other members of Pleasant Ridge made plans to establish a Christian Day School in Troy.

In 1864 a parcel of land consisting of five acres in the northwest part of Troy was purchased for $600 for the purpose of establishing a Lutheran Christian Day School. On this parcel of ground a small brick building (16 x 18 feet) was located, consisting of one room. An additional room was built on to serve as a combination schoolhouse and teacherage. Thirty-nine students (twenty-one boys and eighteen girls) enrolled for the first school term.

Since more room was needed, a new building was dedicated on September 10, 1865. This structure served as a place for public worship on Sunday and festivals of the church year and as a school for the children during the course of the school term. Saint Paul’s Lutheran congregation of Troy, Illinois, was organized on January 25, 1867. The congregation joined the Lutheran Church of the Missouri Synod on May 1867. The first Confirmation class was in 1868. In 1873, an additional building was erected to serve as the educational structure of the congregation. A new brick school building with four available classrooms was dedicated on Pentecost Sunday in 1912. Two modern restrooms were added in 1953. In 2008, the 1912 building was demolished and our current building was erected.

The Parent Teacher League was organized in 1956. The hot lunch program was started in December 1956. Kindergarten was added in 1959.