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Moving in Mission: A Glimpse into St. Paul’s Daycare

By Lauren McLaughlin

As I walk into St. Paul’s Daycare on a typical Thursday, I’m greeted by bright-eyed, active children in perpetual motion around me. Reading, building, pretending, creating, experimenting, imagining- you name it- the children are busy at play. An enthusiastic group of girls is dancing to songs from this year’s Vacation Bible School belting out, “In Him we say Amen; Amen! And all God’s promises find their yes in Him” because, as one of them tells me, “It’s my favorite song!”

Every week at daycare brings an exciting host of activities. Field trips, bounce houses, movie and popcorn days, art class, organized games and team building opportunities along with daily Jesus time, outdoor recreation, and free play are all incorporated into a structured plan. The teachers have been on staff for years and the children clearly feel comfortable with them. Parents appreciate the affordability and flexibility offered at St. Paul’s Daycare and their children look forward to playing with their friends each day.

We have the blessing of providing a safe, nurturing “home away from home” to the children of our community and their families know they are well cared for, they are learning, and they are building relationships all day long. Michelle Warner, St. Paul’s former Daycare director, says she feels we have an important mission here. “I have kids ask me about God and about Bible stories- children who don’t have a church background- and we share Jesus’s love with them.” We have a wonderful message to share with the children within St. Paul’s Daycare; what an awesome ministry we can provide!

We …

Respect each child as an individual and use teaching techniques that are relevant to your child’s learning.

Promote a positive self-image as your child develops respect for themselves and others.

Hours:  6:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Mon.-Fri.  (closed major holidays)

Ages: 3 yrs and older;  Before/after school care available

Contact Us: 618 667-2173 or